Application and Tuition

Enrollment Process

All you need to do is read this MANDATORY (and we mean MANDATORY) IBMS Packet and then put your enrollment though. 

There are extremely important details about our program and our policies in the packet and also that you need to acknowledge on the checkout page.

This is a huge decision, so if you want to chat with our team, please email (after reading the packet - did we mention the packet?).

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Read the Packet

Total Cost

The cost of our complete midwifery education is $11,111. We currently offer three different payment plans (outlined below). 

This tuition includes:

-   The Intro to Autonomous Midwifery course (10 weeks)

-   The 40 Week Midwifery Foundations Program (40 weeks)

-   The Advanced Midwifery Program (28 weeks)

-   All video lectures (including transcripts and closed captioning beginning summer 2022), reading assignments, and project instructions 

-   Feedback from our team on all final project submissions and final project portfolio reviews (31 total)

-   Engaging weekly student calls facilitated by our team. Sometimes these are mini classes, sometimes they are self-development sessions, and sometimes they are social! Sometimes Maryn and Margo host, and other times calls are hosted by other team members or guests.

-   Ongoing access to our incredible Indie Birth communities of current and former students, and amazing collaborators who guest teach and offer support to our students.

We want to be totally transparent and have no hidden fine print. ALL REQUIRED DONATIONS ARE INCLUDED IN THE $11,111 TOTAL for the Indie Birth Midwifery School Program (which includes the Intro, 40 Week and Advanced Programs). 

Tuition Breakdown

Donation Schedule 

-   Total tuition for the Indie Birth Midwifery School is $11,111. 
-   Tuition paid in full is required prior to beginning the program.
-   There are no refunds, period, and we do not stop payment plans, which means we want students to feel 100% certain our program is right for them prior to enrolling. We offer an interview call and copious resources for you explore in order to make the right choice for you.

What is not included 

-   A computer and internet access
-   Required books 
-   Our OPTIONAL Midwifery Skills Workshop (students DO get a discount)

Additional Information

While we feel that our school is complete in terms of classroom learning, it does not include an apprenticeship nor do we currently have formal apprenticeship agreements with preceptors. We are happy to help connect you with opportunities and support you in finding an apprenticeship though. Our goal is that during or after you complete the program, you will be a valuable asset to any team or practice as an assistant or apprentice.

Indie Birth Private Contract Association (including Indie Birth Midwifery School) functions as a Private Contract Association (PMA) and all students and faculty must be members of IBPCA. Contract/application will be offered to you with enrollment package.

financing Options and payment plans

-   Pay with PayPal, which offers financing for payment in full up front (this is a new line of credit). Typically this is a 6 month 0% APR offer, which we are grateful is available to our students!
- A 12 month payment plan - $925 a month for 12 months
- $3000 down and then $426 a month for 19 months
- $5000 down and then $321 a month for 19 months

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