Throughout the program, courses are rooted in weekly reading, online lectures, meaningful discussion with your classmates and instructors, self-reflection, and once a week live video coaching and connection calls with students and facilitators on a variety of topics.

We designed this program to have pacing and accountability built in so that you can fully commit, and succeed on your path to becoming the midwife our communities so badly need!

The intention we have set is to attract serious students who want to focus and learn in a time-sensitive and enriched setting.

At this time, Indie Birth Midwifery School is not MEAC accredited and has no current plans of becoming MEAC accredited. You can read more about that choice here.

Megan is a Jewish wife and mother of three (with the third being born in the middle of the school year). She likes overthinking, overbooking, and long walks on the beach. Birth became a passion of hers just before conceiving her firstborn, when she stumbled on the Indie Birth podcast Taking Back Birth and became an instant fan. Punk rock at heart, she’s excited to be a part of ushering in the new paradigm of birthing.

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The Indie Birth Midwifery School is a complete online academic and esoteric midwifery program for those that want the ease of an online school along with engaged midwifery mentors and a student community that supports focused learning.

There are three parts to our program, the Introduction to Autonomous Midwifery course, the 40 Week Midwifery Foundations Program, and the Advanced Midwifery Program. 

The Introduction to Autonomous Midwifery will get your gears turning, and your study space ready for the journey to come. You can read more about this 10 week course here.

The 40 Week Midwifery Foundations course has a focus on self-discovery, fertility, counseling, alternative therapies, wise woman prenatal care, and writing and research foundations. The program weaves in self-care, and inner spiritual and emotional work, the root of our work as midwives and healers. Read more about it here.

The Advanced Midwifery course focuses on labor, birth and the postpartum, deepening your midwifery skills, complex situations that can come up during pregnancy and birth, and setting up your sacred midwifery business. Read more about it here.

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Cydney is quite the epitome of the lover and mother archetypes. She is naturally a nurturer and sees the heart and human experience of others first and foremost. She began as a doula and jumped right into midwifery shortly after due to the fulfillment of her purpose involving the restoration and reawakening of the divine feminine and wise woman. Though her love for and deep connection to children reigns true, she has embraced the call to assisting women in claiming their autonomy at this intricate time through surrendering to our powerful bodies and transformative human experience.  

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Jaden Graham is a birthworker serving pregnant women and families in coastal, rural Northern California, a Western folk herbalist, a writer, and forever student in the mysteries and teachings of this infinite abyss. Rooted in a passion for building community, and for the beauty of the subjectivity and interconnectedness of all life, you can find more of her magic, musings, and herbal offerings on Instagram @thankful_earth and @spiralpathbirth." 

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At one point in time, Indie Birth was working on other projects and a school seemed like a ridiculous idea that was at least a decade away. 

But we like ridiculous, and the request and desire for a school from the outside world began to show up more regularly.

With our growing network and the many resources we have developed in conjunction with experts around the world, the foundation of our school really built itself. We are grateful to all of the people and circumstances that convinced us that a school like ours is needed.

Our hope is that the school, students, teachers, curriculum and wisdom will continue to grow and expand organically, just as this vision has!

The overall program structure was co-created by Margo and Maryn and refined by the Indie Birth team as we have gotten feedback from our students.

There are three programs under our Midwifery School umbrella - the Intro to Autonomous Midwifery (10 weeks), the 40 Week Midwifery Foundations program (20 classes, 40 weeks long) and the Advanced Midwifery program (8 classes, 28 weeks long). The courses vary in length, and you can see a full outline of both programs below.

In addition to the courses, which include video lectures, readings, exercises and projects, we also have weekly live video meetings to go deeper with the material, teach extended learning topics, occasionally do some life coaching, talk about real life birth experiences, and get to know one another. You can see the current calendar of topics here.

Every effort has been made to address the sacred aspects of midwifery and what a midwife might be, along with the nuts-and-bolts, scientific course material and research to ensure that we stay current, knowledgeable and critical. 

The result for you, the student, is a beautiful blend of the old and new, the Masculine and the Feminine. This course will challenge you with self-growth and exploration as much as it will challenge your technical skills.

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— Magnolia

"Margo was present with me for the birth of my first child. I could not have asked for more soulful, loving, empowering and excellent guidance and care getting ready for birth. She is smart, well studied, passionate and one of the kindest people I know. Never does my sons birthday pass when I don’t think of Margo and the angel that she was to me at the time of my greatest need for support. You could not make a better choice of a wise woman to assist and support you in birth."