The Beginner's Guide
to Radical Midwifery

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Mainstream midwifery is so restrictive and one dimensional. Midwives, aspiring midwives and birth activists feel trapped in the box and like they can't see a way out.

Whether this is the state mandating specific educational routes, or requiring specific pieces of paper, we have found ourselves in a dystopian nightmare in terms of women's birthing and midwifery autonomy.

Many of you have shared your fears of not conforming, of being singled out and persecuted. You feel frustrated by the lack of options and creativity that you know could be a beautiful part of a more healthy midwifery model.

The Beginner's Guide to Radical Midwifery is a life altering adventure into the politics, philosophy and personal journey of becoming a radical midwife. The course includes perspectives not found anywhere else, direct from Maryn and Margo who are actually living the #radicalmidwifelife. You'll also get a supportive community of women asking themselves the same big questions you are.

If you are ready to move from fear to courage and drop the excuses, enroll in this course today (the course can reasonably be completed within a month).

we talk with women all the time who want to be midwives but feel trapped in the box that is mainstream midwifery

The Beginner's Guide to Radical Midwifery

We made this for you...

We will show you exactly how we approach our work as radical midwives and you can do the same.

We are blazing the path for a new kind of midwifery.

You want to be a rock star midwife but you feel stuck

Discover why many women think they "can't" have the birth they want, and how autonomy and self-determination are the solution.


Licensing, certification, and regulation....oh my! Untangle the myths that have been central to midwifery activism the last few decades.


Hear from us about our own journey's into radical midwifery and what we've learned along the way.


Travel back in time and discover the way birth and midwifery has changed over time and how we have gotten to where we are today.


Here is what you will learn in this course:

Facing the fears that most of us come up against when considering the path of the radical community midwife.


Visions of the new paradigm of midwifery and tools for creating the birth (r)evolution.


You're fired up about birth (probably because you've had a great one or a terrible one), and you want to find a way to meaningfully support midwives and women where you live. You're probably sick of hearing that mandatory regulation and licensing is "the answer". You want to explore fresh ideas, information to back you up, and exciting possibilities.

Radical Midwifery Allies and activists

If you have been bitten by the birth bug, and you think that you want to become a midwife, but you are totally turned off by mainstream, straight-laced, vanilla midwifery in the system, this course is for you.

Aspiring midwives

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When we change birth, we change the world. Be a part of the birth revolution.