Unfortunately many aspiring midwives are scared and confused about how to get started. They feel put off by over medicalized and rigid midwifery training. Meanwhile, women all over the world continue to go without the birth support they are craving. 

Midwifery is
a Sacred Calling

We know deeply that

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This course emphasizes a holistic approach to birth work, taking into consideration body, mind, and spirit. Created by experienced midwives Maryn Green and Margo Blackstone, this program uniquely integrates traditional birth and midwifery wisdom with clinical experience and amazing, unique-to-Indie Birth proprietary material. Throughout the duration, you will experience inner growth and overcome the obstacles that have been keeping you from moving forward on your midwifery journey.

Not your average intro course...

This high-impact, 10 week course is designed to introduce you to all the midwifery topics you are yearning to learn about including pregnancy, nutrition, testing options, holding space for prenatal visits, actually attending births, how birth works and looks, postpartum care and apprenticeship skills. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of birth work, you will also be asked to go on an inner journey to evaluate your own beliefs, fears and challenges you will need to overcome in order to do this work.

The Intro to Autonomous Midwifery Course

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It’s time to train a new generation of smart, brave midwives to support and serve birthing women in their communities.

No more superficial, numbers obsessed approaches to this sacred calling.

Well, We are here to change that

The Incredible Apprenticeship Toolbox
We want our students to be successful in their apprenticeship experiences and the relationships they create with elder midwives and teachers. Finding and maintaining a quality apprenticeship will make the difference between becoming a midwife or burning out.

Pillar #5

The Birth Warrior Toolkit
We will cover everything from what it is like to attend births in the midwife role, labor coping strategies, to managing your own stress levels as you begin attending births. You will get a firm grasp on these crucial beginning midwifery topics, and we also include rich modules on pregnancy and the postpartum time to round everything out. 

Pillar #4

The Wise Woman Model 
Midwives are not all the same, and very few practice in the Wise Woman Model of care. Learn how this looks in practice from pregnancy through the postpartum time. Start to think about how you can infuse your midwifery with this woman-centric approach.

Pillar #3

The Sacred Science Birth Code
A combination of our extensive midwifery experience, the super nerdy science of undisturbed birth and a reverence for the sacred aspects of birth. We will dive deep into how it all works and looks, so you can start envisioning yourself attending births in the midwife role.

Pillar #2

Midwifery as Journey, Not a Destination
We give you a method to explore and process your own beliefs, fears, hang ups and super powers so that you can sustain yourself on the path to becoming the unique midwife you're meant to be, LONG term.

Pillar #1

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The course content is built around these five pillars

The Intro Course is now only available as part of our complete Indie Birth Midwifery School experience.

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